What Countries Signed Agreement with Israel

In recent years, Israel has been actively seeking to establish stronger diplomatic relationships with other countries around the world. As a result, several nations have signed agreements with Israel in order to improve economic, cultural, and political ties.

One of the most significant agreements signed by Israel is the Abraham Accords, which was signed in September 2020. This agreement established diplomatic relations between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain, making them the first Arab nations to establish official relations with Israel in over 25 years.

In addition to the Abraham Accords, Israel has also signed agreements with several other countries. In late 2020, Israel signed a normalization agreement with Sudan, which paved the way for increased trade and investment between the two nations. This agreement was facilitated by the United States, which has been actively involved in encouraging other countries to establish formal relations with Israel.

Israel has also signed agreements with several African nations, including Ethiopia, Kenya, and Rwanda. These agreements have focused on improving economic ties and promoting investments in key industries such as agriculture and technology.

Another notable agreement signed by Israel is the Joint Declaration on Strategic Partnership between the State of Israel and the United States of America. This agreement, signed in October 2020, reinforced the strong relationship between Israel and the United States and pledged to continue cooperation in areas such as defense, cyber security, and energy.

Overall, Israel has been successful in establishing diplomatic relationships with several countries in recent years, which has helped to improve its standing on the global stage and strengthen its economy. As Israel continues to seek out new partnerships, it is likely that we will see more agreements signed with other nations in the coming years.

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